Paradise Falls is located at a relative small parcel on a sim were there is a magical forest that is on a water parcel, at edge of the parcel behind the landing zone there is a very nice gazebo that is surrounded by trees and of course water. It is amazing that on a 20k sq m parcel anyone can build such a beautiful place, therefore I did not take a lot of pictures. I would more than anything like people to go and explore Paradise Falls and see for themself how amazing this place is.

It is very nicely decorated to give everyone that visit an amazing experience either taking professional photos or for the amateur, Maryf Keng is the woman who have spent her time decorate the parcel she have put a lot of effort into making this a good place for photography. The landscaping have been done by Busta , for more about him check out his profile.

There is a huge garden in the middle of the parcel where there is furnitures of high style and quality that blend into the environment. I would think this place would be great for those who are bloggers, but also for anyone else who just like to take a picture.

I look forward to see pictures taken at Paradise Falls and I hope you enjoy visit as much as I did. (The pictures I have taken was taken with ultra settings, WL at night and they have been in photoshop to enhance the colors.)

Teleport to Paradise Falls





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