I was introduced to Altitude a while back by someone who I knew well and even if their old club back then was a warehouse I instant liked it, I would say it was the people who was around that made the place so special.  And this summer I met Boots when I was at Indie Teepee and she gave me the landmark to their new location, I did not visit until today and with the sim to myself I was able to explore and take wonderful photos using the default wind light.

It has changed a lot from the warehouse I remember a few years back, now it has rusted buildings, towers, rusted airplanes. The new Altitude is located on an island with sea around on all sides, and a lot of recreation area for anyone who visit to sit and reflect. It is also perfect for those who love to take pictures as it has many different scenes to choose from. This place stands out from many other places I have visited over time, it has something for just about everyone to offer.

The music here is Indie style with voice and live performances with many talented people I have listened to, this is absolutely a place to visit if you like to meet unique and down to earth people who also like to listen to great musicians. For more information regarding this place you can visit Altitude’s blog

Visit Altitude.

I took a few pictures for you all to see how nice this place is.


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