I should have done this a long time ago but to be honest I have not been tempted, I am very impressed by their new beach theme club environment as it is very appealing to the visitor. This club has been on the grid for many years, a lot of big name dj’s have been a resident here or a guest dj. If you like electronic music this place might be a place for you to visit, or if you like the scenery and would like to take pictures.

Here you have a few beach houses for small stores surrounded by palm trees and water, waves coming in from the corners of the parcel. As you can see on the overview photo the layout of the club have been changed to the best, you have a waterfall in the back of the land and if you set the right windlight then you are in for a treat.

To take these pictures I have used the Firestorm viewer,  Windlight sky > [TOR] SUNSET – Bangko 1 and ultra settings with all set to 100%. Edit in camera raw Photoshop for final touches and watermark process.

Teleport to Relax Club


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