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Lust and Fetish themed party at Elysion with DJ Desterac Laval.

It is a very long time since I went to one of these parties at Elysion where the nudity is a high factor, I think I am one of the most over dressed here with my suit tucked up to my neck. Lots of new faces as I do not come here that much any longer, but also some I have seen before and frequently see around the grid. Desterac Laval is the man with the magic fingers playing the hot and cool tunes that later might make some of the people drop their clothes, his sets here are legendary you need to be “there”.

Took some pictures as usual and plan to share them here for you all to see the sexy people who came to Elysion to party, and they keep falling from the sky as I write this post. Event in on a group only island that require a membership fee to be allowed into the main area, leaving the teleport for those who like to come now or check out one other day.

Teleport to Elysion

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