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Dj London Callin at Indie Teepee.

London Callin is another great dj performing at the Indie Teepee event this year, you may not heard her unless you travel between the mainstream “boring SL” and the outskirts of the world where there are all kinds of cool people hanging out. London is known at places like Blacklist, Smash Club and other LGBT friendly clubs, Β I have heard her dj many times and what can I say if you enjoy good dj’s you might want to check her out one day.

Many people had found their way to stage 2 to get London’s set with them, I even see a few friendly faces here. I have taken pictures of those who was decent dressed was one that had her “attachment on”, I had to skip that cause as I see it Indie Teepee is not an adult event. A part from that I think people who came here are enjoying the tunes from the dj, and when her set finishes another female dj will take over the decks. If you have nothing to do on this sunday you may want to head out to this event and fill your ears with some electronic vibes.

Teleport to Indie Teepee Event.



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