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Chris at Indie Teepee Festival.

What a great opening for Indie Teepee where  Chris is one of the opening dj’s, as usual he have some great tunes selected on the track list for us to listen to. Was nice to see some familiar faces I had not seen in ages for various reasons, and it is always nice to see friendly faces when you wander around the grid. I did as usual take some pictures of those who had taken the time to listen to the dj, maybe you even see yourself on the pictures. Kess Crystal took over playing great music after Chris finished his set, if you feel like come listen or check out rest of event use the teleport under.

Teleport to stage 1

Chris is one of 3 other dj’s that you find at AAI – An Alternative Indie Club you can find more about their club at these links —- >>  AAi Blog  / AAI Facebook


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