The Village & BarDeco closing.

It was earlier this evening that Terry Fotherington creator and owner of the village and bardeco announced that he would close the venue for now, and after the summer he would go for a smaller project that is less in size. As of now it is around half sim where the club (bardeco) and the village that is a series of small houses, buildings, cars, thousands of objects that make it look like a small village.

I understand that we can’t hold on to these places forever and yes it does cost a lot to maintain, then I am talking about all those dollars that’s paid to sim owners for land rentals. I know before he decide to close down he rented some houses out, and I am not sure how many that rented here.

Have been here a lot of times most to listen to dj’s and other times to take pictures of hangout with a friend. Terry has a talent for decorating and he have made this little city come alive, you get the feeling that you are in this little city near the coast, you have houses close to the water.  If you never had the chance to check out this place you have 5 days until the build disappears, hop in your favorite shoes and go to The Village & BarDeco and look around. You could make some good memories in this great little city.

Winter coming to the village.

A photo I made in early December in 2016, it is one of the best memory I have from this place seeing a city in the winter.  Playing with light and Photoshop I was able to get this result, bigger version on flickr. (click image to visit.)


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