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Morlita Quan closing concert at Dark Tears.

The time had come for the very last music performance at this awesome sim made by JadeYu Fhang, I did not visit it many times but I been there before at a concert with Morlita. But this time it was different a last concert before the sim vanish of the grid, and I tried to show some of the installations /art in case you never set your foot here.

The usual crowd plus a few new people had come to listen and look around, people standing around listening as the dj / musician perform her signature music to all who want to listen. Combining the music with the art is an experience by itself, you see the art in a new way at least that’s how I feel it.

No pictures were taken other than a screen shot from the video, so I hope you enjoy watching the last concert at dark tears.

Morlita Quan live at closing of the Dark Tears from SLVenue on Vimeo.


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