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Lau Cedrus Techno set at SL14B dj Stage.

Obviously not everyone are asked to perform at the SL14B (Second Life Birthday party) so I would think it is a great honor just to be asked, and my friend Lau Cedrus is spinning a wicked techno set as I write for 1 more hour her set will end at 2 pm.

Not over crowds of people here but some come and go and others stay and listen to the dj that do her thing on the stage, more staff that guests here but who cares the tunes are awesome. It is summer so we cannot expect everyone to get these event with them, I took a bunch of pictures of those who have come to her set it is a cool memory to have as next year would be 15th year party. For more information about the event you can visit SL14B web page.

I will leave the landmark to the dj stage cause there are other dj’s that will entertain after her, and I am not sure who I did not check that out. Hope you enjoy the pics I have taken or you come here and party with us and the rest of the cool people who is here.

Teleport to SL14B dj stage. 

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