To my surprise Digital Francis was online I had not seen this guy since 2009 I am sure of, or at the club he used to have back in the old days. Back then there was so many more dj’s around, a bunch of clubs, much more clubber’s and the tunes where awesome. So yes I felt like I was knocked of my feet when I walk into the event and see him stand next to me, I though it was in its place to record his set for you all to see him on video.

Before his set Tack Paulse had his and I took a lot of pictures of all the people who had come to watch him spin, since the camera was fixed on Digital I can’t say for sure who of these was there at his set but I am sure some of them where there. Any ways I hope you enjoy watching the 38 minutes of his set, the first minutes I was in real… unforgiving I know..

For more information about this event you can visit this facebook page.

Digital Francis live at 4 The Love of House Music from SLVenue on Vimeo.


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