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Morlita Quan Live at Art is Rhythm.

I had looked forward to this event for days and finally the day was there, I came to lea 13 and set my things up to be ready for Morlita to start with her music. As soon as it start more people come into the event room where there is an art installation, the lights and movements is in fact very nice and relaxing to look at. When you combine the music you hear and the installation I felt a sensation of happiness, could be it was just me but I found the whole music event to be very special.

While I was recording I had hoped that people would move closer to the dj but for some reason most of them was in the far back corner, it was like they had been chased there and did not like to move or maybe they did not want their face on the video. At least a few persons dared to be in front of the dj and one of them was JadeYu Fhang , she did entertain me and I am sure she did make other people smile with her dance.

Hope you will enjoy the video I recorded as it is her full set of 1h 30 min that including a minor camera error, I accidentally moved the mouse and also shifted the view a few times. But part from that the music is intact no tones were harmed in this recording, and if you are lucky you might see yourself in the far background.

Teleport to Art is Rhythm

Morlita Quan Live at Art is Rhythm. from SLVenue on Vimeo.


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