It has been way to long since the last time I was at this place and made a blog post from a party, I have been occupied with other things and I also have been under the assault by massive lag here. So now after I have got those problems solved I am back here to make a new party post from the members only place Elysion, more or less noob free environment where you can have adult fun and or just listen to good dj’s like Desterac.

A formal event tonight and most of the men are in some suit of some color, I was going to go for a dark blue but ended up take on my old Deadwool suit as it is my favorite suit. I have gone berserk with the camera and took as many pics I could of those who actual did rez for me, some never rez and I could not wait forever.

Great music from a cool dj that have the people under his spell with his music selection, and the women some have already dropped their clothes it can look like on some pics.. oO.

Teleport to Elysion (If you have $L750 to join their group)


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