Events & Music

Disco Party at Club Xanadu.

I came in time to listen to DJ Annie as she spins her awesome selection of disco tunes to the people who had come to shake their booty, it was well worth come to Xanadu and listen to the tunes today.

Have been listening to the 3 last dj’s on this disco event the 2nd was Sahra Little and now some groovy tunes in a live mix by Dj Katia kirax, the tunes makes you want to smile for hours. Sadly not that long of the event that started late afternoon and now still going at 9 in the evening. Took a bunch of pictures as I always do for you all to see the party people who came and left, you probably missed out on one of the coolest music events in second life in a long time. Afro wigs and an awesome built club just for the special event, I am happy I was able to come here.

Teleport to Club Xanadu.


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