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MorlitaM Live at Du Demon.

This evening it was very special as it was the last chance to get to listen to the RL album tour here in SL, for those who does not know Morlita Quan she is a very talented artist. She compose her own music and have also had many art performances in this virtual world, her music is very special at least that is my opinion.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get that last day of the tour with me, I even got there 30 minutes before the event to make sure I had loaded the whole sim. I took photos of those people who came to the event before the music start then I start to record. Hope you enjoy the first 15 minutes of her live performance, and share if you like.

MorlitaM Live at Du Demon from SLVenue on Vimeo.

To learn more about her music you can visit her online store and listen or even buy her music, “The noise of the Willows” is MorlitaM’s new album title the link take you right there.

Hope you enjoy watching the images until I can show the video so you can all see the cool art work happening in front of the camera.


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