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Dj Mike Jaxx at Dance Island.

After a visit earlier in the afternoon listening to a different dj I returned later to make this video while Dj Mike Jaxx had his set here, I had no plans to make this video it was some thing I decide when I came here. With settings on ultra and all sliders to max I turned the sound on and got ready to do a fly in video. And it went smooth enough when you think of all the people who were here, and with the light set at night you can see the old club in a new light. People enjoying them self on the dance floor while the dj spin some cool tunes, was a great set by an awesome dj.

For once I decide I could make a video so you all can see how it looks like at Dance Island if you have not been here, it is still the pyramid building with lots of windows and the dj booth in center. Hope you enjoy watching the video.

DJ Mike Jaxx at Dance Island from SLVenue on Vimeo.


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