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Sci-Fi Con Opening Ceremony.

Pure luck made me find this place today and stumbled over the 10th anniversary of sci-fi convention here in second life, how cool is not that to check out all your favorite sci-fi heros in here as well as on your tv screen. A lot of cool builds here from avatars to huge starships and more, I took a few pictures as I do not want to reveal all the cool stuff that is on display here so I took a few of the things nearest me.

The ceremony party is on going now if you like to come party or if you like to come check out whats on display here. Sci-Fi Con supports RFL (Relay For Life) and it would be appreciated if you have a few coins to spare, giving is optional there are no moral police here that demand you to give.

For more information regarding Sci-Fi Con you can visit their blog and read more about the event and other useful information. Last and most important here is a taxi to the event sim if you like to visit.


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