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Live 3D Art by Jadeyu Fhang at Du Demon.

Tonight only at Du Demon an Post Apocalyptic sim with in the virtual world of Second Life, Jadeyu Fhang display and create her art live while Morlita Quan  perform with her music live making it a spectacular art show like no other. It can hardly be explained but I will try with the photo’s I made, a sight for your eyes to see art in creation.

A lot of people had found the way to this event that I have been looking forward to since the day I was invited to come, and now watching art be created in front of me that is very special as you feel like you are part of it.

The art show is closing to the end with only 30 minutes left, the first hour have gone very fast with so much happening on the screen. It have been an art show out of the ordinary one of those you should have been at, for now I hope you enjoy the photos. For more information regarding this event you can visit this page.



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