Art & Gallery

Transylvania’s Art Series, Serene Decay.

After missing the opening of the gallery since it was a little to late in the night for me I decided to go this evening to check it out, a lot of great photograph’s from a lot of people. The gallery is located in the basement of the Vampyre Cultural Center the teleport takes you to the stairs right above the gallery, a tiny few steps and you are in the basement.

The photographs have been taken by: Chica Schou, Ravi Schou, Dusty Wasp, Loki Silverson, Lesa Frostwych, Skye Nefekalum, Noirran Marx,
Reya Darkstone, Tess Falworth, Spookyboopuddleglum, Sabbian Paine, Ingrid Von Paine , Titus Palmira, Zoeumbra, and Zenos Zund.

To see who took which photo you have to visit and see for your self, I did enjoy come here tonight a lot of great photos to see. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did, took a few photos of the gallery.



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