After a tip from a friend I was told about this new establishment that have open up on the SL grid, it is created by Isabella Inf1nity and is a place for Art, Fashion, Music events , Shops, Gacha and Chill. The layout of the sim is very nicely build up it has taken a lot of planning and effort by the owner of this establishment to create this place, it is a beach layout with stand alone small shops, the art gallery you see next to the small cafe the second you land.

You can come here and take photos, create videos or hangout with friends or meet new people, the sim is rated adult but certain rules apply those you can read when you arrive as it is not a sex sim. Audience they look for is adult people who like what they offer or if you want to explore you will have a lot to check out here.

They also have areas in air that can be reached with teleports that are on ground, keep in mind it is still work in progress as they iron out the last tweaks for the place. But you are more than welcome to come check it out, I am sure you would like it here if you like the electronic type of music.

Have taken a few photos for you to look at or you can visit Soak Music Avenue and see for yourself.


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