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Morlita Quan Live at Shivers HQ.

One of my absolute favorite composers and djs is Morlita Quan, I am so happy I ran into her almost 3 years ago at a club that no longer is on the grid. And ever since that day we had a great friendship, and I have had the pleasure of follow her musical career in SL and RL. So when she sent me a landmark for her performance tonight I was happy, always a pleasure to go and listen to Morlita.

My first time at this venue and by the look of it someone put a lot of effort to make it look awesome and with the lights and right windlight setting you see some cool light effects. Took some pictures everyone that was here at the time of photos, some close-ups some not hope you enjoy looking at them. If you feel like come check out this venue or listen to the rest of Morlita’s set then take the free taxi.


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