What an awesome evening here at black milk where I could listen to 3 great dj’s blasting the speakers with awesome tunes, no more ear wax here. First off Dj Love start to warm the people up by spinning tech house tunes, my camera was almost running warm as the women where shaking their bodies to the music that came out of the speakers.

Then the one I have been looking forward to hear again as it is months since last time I listened to him spin here in second life,  Dj Antonio TooCool get ready for his legendary house set spinning tunes that makes your spine dance. And since it had been so long since I had seen Ant I made a video just for him and the rest of the people who came to watch and listen to him spin live again.

Last to spin this evening is Dj JM spinning tunes into the night as it have passed midnight Europe time, still people here at black milk listening to the tunes.If you still up feel free to drop by and party with the rest of the party people here at Black Milk.

Last a tiny video of the lovely and funny party babe Ines as she hop and dance around…




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