Events & Music

KOR Underwater Party.

Yesterday at KOR they had an underwater party with two great dj’s at a venue built under the water, where you could observe as fish and other sea creatures passed the large windows. As soon as you entered down into the undersea venue you are met by a huge bar that stretch from one side to the other, and to the right a large dance floor with impressive light dancing all over the room (best seen in ultra settings).

The event started in middle of the night for me (European) and I tried to stay up for as long as I could, but when the clock turned 4 in morning I could barely keep my eyes open even that the last dj had not start his set. Wanted to get both dj’s with me but only got Vaughan Quan’s two-hour set with me, I had to leave before Jay Cee set even started that was a shame but it was just to late for this sleepy guy.

I did take a whole lot of pics of everyone that had taken the time to come to the event, hope you enjoy looking at them.


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