Tonight I stayed at KOR for most of the evening as there was 3 great dj’s in line up, and most of all cause i looked forward to hear Ruiz spin cause I had not heard him much lately. The first to spin was DJ Urbanking a dj I had not heard of to be honest, could be I have not been around that much but anyways he had some great tunes that popped out of the speakers. The second up was Dj Victoria Grau  spinning some sexy tunes for everyone to be seduced by and finally the one I had been waiting to listen to Dj Ruiz Garcia. A kick ass set and I recorded about the first 55 minutes, some tech issues made me cut it short.  I took a lot of pics of avatars, their animals (lol) and the dj’s, Enjoy.

55 minutes of his set can be seen here.



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