Interview with Dj Fina Dibou.


I got to know Fina thru a mutual friend that is not in second life anymore, I liked her instant for her personality being fun and also serious when needed. A great dj that I like to go listen to, but sadly I can’t do that every day. Have heard her spin in many clubs around this virtual world, and a few of those places have been closed for various reasons. I made a mini interview with her and I hope you all enjoy reading about this fantastic woman.

How did you find second life?

Through friends I knew in other online forums. So, one day I became curious and checked it out. I started as a roleplay character as I love to write creating a storyline that would capture others of like minds. I had fun with it for a while, while exploring sl.

Did it take a long time for you to become a sl dj?

My time in the club scene has been about 4 years, djing now three, so in answer to your question, I guess yea , a few years .:P

Do you have real life dj experience and do you like to tell us about that?

In real life I have done private parties. I have often thought of clubs as I have heard some djs around the rl scene and thought omgah I can do that :P, but my time in rl and circumstances do not condone the club scene hours.

What type of dj gear are you using?

My first hardware I bought was an S2 MK2 , which after a month I had a problem with. I sent it back to Native Instruments to be repaired, stressing on how long it would take. At that time I was young, eager, 5 perms a week, not mentioning covers I would take. Now that I think back was way too much, but my mindset was different, more sets and visibility was important. So, after a week, still without my gear, I bought the S4 MK2. That is my gear I use now. I still have the S2 boxed …laughs…

Do you spin live and if so do you use records (LP’s) or mp3 tracks?

I always spin live. I would never do any pre-record sets as it goes against all ethic’s of a person who mixes music. Right now I purchase mp3 to spin with .I would like to expand my knowledge with mixing with vinyl but that takes more money for the hardware. I do have a piggy bank, I have been stashing my pennies for this need! Maybe Santa Claus will put some CDJ’s and a Technics SL 1200 MK2, BOOM….

How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still dj, or have you left this world by then?

That is a long time really to think of being in SL …At this point in time with my life in SL I take it day by day. My true love is spinning, mixing music, sharing the vibe to my friends and supporters. That is a great joy and privilege to have the opportunity to do. , I am confident to say I will be djing for some time to come at least until August of 2017 as my icecast is paid up until then 🙂 xoxoxo I also am not ready to lose touch with my friends, follow djs, who have been inspirational to me in music. I will not mention names as there are so many, from starting from day one of my time starting out. I still learn more everyday from them,

When you spin do you do it for the Lindens or for the love of music, or both?

I do it for the love of music . Lindens is a nice perk, and sometimes it makes me feel they are really liking my set…but in all reality, I don’t think that is true. I don’t need big crowds when I spin, or be in a big club and it is lovely to see your friends and supporters show up. What is most important to me and I can say for most djs I know , is the listeners. That the people there are actually listening and enjoying the music. With that, a chemistry builds between the vibe shared from the dj and the energy that builds from the crowd and it is a massive feeling. Sharing what you love in music that deep vibe and connecting with the listener no amount of linden can match …


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