Interview with Dj Nea Fredriksson.

Nea Fredriksson is one of my favorite female dj’s to go listen to when I get the chance so to speak, so I decided to ask her for an interview so readers could learn more about who she is. I met Nea last year when I was listening to another dj, and when I heard her for the first time I liked her style. Hope you enjoy the mini interview.


* How did you find second life and did it take a long time for you to become a sl dj?

I had read about SL in magazines a couple of times. At a bored moment I decided to give it a go, since it sounded pretty neat. It turned out to be very neat once I found my way into the music scene! I didn’t care too much for the big parties, but rather how SL gave a platform for music nerd DJ’s to share tunes from the left field, the kind of stuff that’s really hard to play at commercial clubs.

At the time I had put DJ’ing behind me already, so I held out for a while in spite of some pushing from SL music scene friends and DJ’s. I had no gear of my own back then, so it took a decision to invest a bit to get back into it. That was sometime in 2008.

* Do you have real life dj experience and do you like to tell us about that,?

I played student parties and a few other events during university. I had a lot of fun doing it, but what always bugged me was the Top40 mush we had to play most of the time in order not to get too many complaints. There were high points musically too, when the vibe was just right to get the people dancing to music they had no clue about. After starting again I’ve played out now and then, this time firmly rooted in the music I know and love.

I’m a funkateer. After a teeny rock/pop phase I got swept away by the acidjazz wave, and crate-dug my way back from there to old school funk, soul and disco. The funk then got mixed in with house music during the big millennium house revival in my city, clubbing at places where the DJs freely genre-hopped from funk-drenched house to old school rarities. Pretty much all electronic music I like is stuff that I see as carrying on the funk banner, whether it’s house, broken beat, nujazz, nudisco, future funk or anything else. If there’s no groove, I’m not interested!

* Do you spin live and if so do you use records or mp3 tracks?

Always live, anything else would be supremely boring. I don’t even like to plan a set too carefully beforehand. I like to ride the musical mood of the moment, when the flow of the set builds naturally from one track to the next, and the one after it… You never know exactly what you’ll get, but that’s the game!

Most of the time I play time code vinyl, with the odd real vinyl thrown in. All real vinyl sets I only play on special occasions in SL. Trivia for non-DJ’s: timecode vinyl is a record pressed with an encoded signal that, when interpreted by a computer in real-time, allows the DJ to use turntables to control the playback of a digital file like the track was pressed on the vinyl. It works like magic!

* How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still dj, or have you left this world by then?

The chances of me losing interest in music are slim. Most likely I’ll still be here or whatever comes after SL, advocating for The One!

* When you spin do you do it for the Lindens or for the love of music, or both?

Love of music, absolutely. DJ’ing is a hobby that costs money. Equipment is expensive and music costs quite a bit of money over time, so you can’t make a profit without paid RL gigs. I do it because it’s a lot of fun and it allows me to share some of my crate-digging to fellow music nerds. Any tips are of course still much appreciated, every single time. Thank you dear listeners for coming out!
Live mix recordings available at: Soundcloud

In world group for live set notices: Where Da Party At  secondlife:///app/group/33be379d-d873-20c0-0c79-d7ffe2917a52/about (copy & paste the secondlife…. and paste into second life client chat box to see group)


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