One of my favorite places to go if I look for good music or if I am in the mood to relax, here you can take some real nice photos. It has been designed / landscaped by Terry Fotherington the owner of The Village / BarDeco, this place is owned by Bridget Genna and is a well-known place where great dj’s frequently visit.

Click to visit Kekeland. (link opens in a new window)

For best experience set Windlight Sky: “Wastes Morning” Water: “Nacon’s Water”


The whole setting of this place makes it look like a  small fishing community by the sea, a place where a few souls come on their holiday, I am very impressed by how Terry is like a designer where he put a lot of work into making these scenes look as real as possible. When you walk around you get the feeling you have been there, or you just want to visit a place like this for real.


The club seen from the backside with the street with parked cars along the sidewalk and the palm trees that sway in the breeze, It takes you to that small village by the sea. I have no memories of a place like this but after seeing and experience this virtual place I would love to see a place that look similar for real.


On the inside this club / establishment look like a cozy little bar where the locals go after a long day to relax, have a beverage and listen to great music. And some times a great dj walk in the door to take place behind the decks as he or she start to spin some groovy tunes that makes the people dance.


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