Interview with Dj Jay Cee.

I have known Jay Cee for a long time in SL and have heard him spin at many clubs on the grid, and that’s why I felt he deserved to tell us a bit about him self and his real life dj’ing. I asked him a few questions just so you all get the basics of who this guy is, without any further chat introduction look below for the interview.


How did you hear about second life and how long did it take for you to become a dj here?

I first heard about Second Life over 8 years ago through my RL brother. We were talking about gaming one day during lunch and he mentioned Second Life. So, i got interested and decided to check it out. I didn’t think much of it at first, since i was in noobie island for a couple of days and thought, well, is this all there is to SL, lol. But, once i figured out how to get off of noobie island, it was like a whole different world opened up to me. Naturally, being a dj, I did a search of clubs in SL, and I got to dj after about a month in SL.

Your first club you spin at and up to today.?

In SL, I first started spinning 8 years ago. The first club I got to spin at was Scoutlounge. I’ve always spun House Music and its varying styles in SL. Since I started spinning in SL, I have spun at many SL clubs, too many to remember, lol. Clubs such as Scoutlounge, Truehouse, Woods, Deizha, Koola, Toontopia, Relax, Bassnote, The 4th, Kor, and the list goes on.

From what you told me in past you have dj experience that most can dream of, want to tell us about that and if the big dream to make it big still is there.?

In RL, I first started djing in 1995 in the underground. I was spinning breakbeats back then. Then moved into progressive trance in the late 90’s. In 2000, as my taste in music matured more, I found that House Music appealed to me and decided to spin House Music. And I have been spinning House Music ever since. I have spun at underground parties, underground clubs, and raves, locally and outside of California. I’ve also spun at a fashion show once and a couple of art showing after parties. Currently, I still dj in RL. I do have the dream of making a bigger name for myself in RL and want to be able to travel and spin around the world, but, it’s not as important now as when I was younger.

Do you spin live and if so do you use records or mp3 tracks?

I always spin live. i never have a preplanned set. I know what I’ll spin for the first 2 tracks and just go with the flow from there. I use 2 CDJ 1000 MK3, 2 Technics SL 1200 MK2, Allen & Heath Xone 92 Mixer (rotary faders), Serato SL3, Xone K2, and laptop. I mostly spin using MP3’s, but, sometimes I’ll spin a few vinyl in my sets as well.

How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still dj, or have you left this world by then?

Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll be djing in SL still, or maybe I will have moved on by then.

When you spin do you do it for the Lindens or for the love of music, or both?

In SL, I do it for the love of music, and the tips are just icing on the cake, so to speak.

More about Jay Cee on these website’s. Heart This | Mixcloud | Soundcloud




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