Interview with Dj Tack Paulse

This is a new addition to the blog I have been thinking for this a long time and also asked a few dj’s that did not reply in time, so today I asked my friend Tack if he wanted to tell us all about his life as a sl dj.

I have seen him spin at many venues in SL and some of them have closed for several reasons, and he also has his own place the Boom Room a place I have been many times and have good memories from. Ok, enjoy the short mini interview with Tack Paulse.


How long after you arrived to second life did you decide to start dj’ing?

Not long at all. I’d say within a month of going to clubs i realized i wanted to spin again.

Did you have any dj experience from real life and do you like to tell us about it?

I started dj’ing when i was fifteen years old in the LA disco scene playing what is sometimes referred to as “High Energy Dance” from the early 90’s. Two good examples of this style of music are Trans-x, “Living on Video” and Tapps “My Forbidden Lover”. I stopped in my mid-twenties and decided to pick it up again shortly after starting second life.

Before you start your set how much do you prepare for it, and do you spin live?

I only spin live. In terms of preparation it can go one of two ways. a.) i need a new set because im tired as fk of my old tunes. In that case it can take me between 4-6 hours to cull 35 new tracks for a complete set. Then it usually takes 1-2 hours to prepare and organize the tracks to be set-ready. b.) I spin from my crates. In this instance it will usually take less than an hour to pick a few tracks with which to begin a set. Thereafter i spin the rest of the set “off-the-cuff”, pulling what sounds good from my crates on the fly.

How do you see your SL in 3 – 5 years, still dj, or have you left this world by then?

I’ll likely still be here doing exactly the same things.

When you spin do you do it for the Lindens or for the love of music, or both?

First and foremost for the tunes. Ever since i can remember, i would get very excited about a good song and want to share it with everyone. These days, while the Lindens are not everything, they do represent to me a sort of acknowledgment of my work. That and i need the Lindens to keep up the boom room 🙂



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