I do not go to events like this a lot because there is a huge amount of lag, the old and familiar party crasher we all know…he-he. I made my way to The Bay most of all to check it out and it took me no less than 25 – 30 minutes to rez all the mesh faces so I could even start to think about taking photos. Sim is full of women that want free gift cards that they are handing out to hopeful avatars that despite all the lag have drag themselfs here.

In order to be able to take these few pictures I had to derender most of the sim and that is a shame, but some times that is needed to be able to take pics at events like this. Free stuff attract people from every corner of SL.

Music is handled by Apple P. Buchanan-West she play the tunes you all love to hear!

I managed to take a few pictures and hope you enjoy looking at them, because it was a struggle to take them. lol…

If you want to check out Spotlight Magazine then click now!  (opens in new window)


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