This party I have looked forward to for months it has been almost 1 year since I was at the legendary beach parties at Elysion, and a lot of people are here to party this saturday evening listening to great music. Bikini’s, bra’s, topless, shorts where ever you turn to ha-ha, not all are topless but I seen a few. Sexy people being themself having a good time listening to music selected for this awesome beach party, these party usual attracts a lot of people who you usual never see elsewhere.

Have taken a lot of pictures of most people who are here so you can see for yourself all the sexy people dancing around here, they all enjoying themself to the fullest.

Elysion is a members only sim and to access it you need to be an adult and have Lindens to pay the group fee, if you can do these things come on over and have fun with us you never know what happens at party’s like this… A hint…sometimes people tend to get naked….oO

Free taxi to party!


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