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Legends at The Boom Room.

Ewan Seetan started his hour set and it was a great collection of great songs mixed into a great set, after him Esteban Kumaki started his set and it’s very good. A good crowd of people have arrived here at the boom room to get this with them, and I am glad that I came over this notice on Facebook. It’s a 6 hour event that involve 6 great dj’s that has their own unique style, you find the taxi link in the sidebar. Took some photos so you can see the people and the fun we so far had. Now Sonny Chevalier at the decks spinning his set and a lot more people have arrived to get this event with them. The 4th dj is at the decks his name is DJ Trix  and after that Lexy and Rico follows, I sadly have to leave the party now as I have another arrangement to be at. Been a real great party with great dj’s that have spinned a lot of great tunes for a lot of people.



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