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Real dj’s at Soul Project Club this saturday.

Every saturday you have the chance to listen to real djs that spins live at Soul Project Club/Recordings – Location: Chicago Warehouse support by The Groovebeat Radio this is a weekly event with live cam streaming the dj as he spin live. If you never have heard any of these djs and is a house addict itโ€™s about time you log on your avatar or go to their website to listen, but itโ€™s more fun to stand around and interact with other people while you have a good time. I known Dean, Jay and Jean for some time in second life and have heard and seen them spin, always a blast to go to their events maybe this time we see you there.

Party info.

Time: 12 PM / PST

Taxi toย Chicago Warehouse

Website: The Groovebeat

saturday party

I am not affiliated with The Groovebeat in any way or form, I am a great fan of house music and wanted to share this event with everyone else that love electronic music as much as I do.



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